About us
Studio Marincola Architects has its base in the historic center of Rome. It is a qualified architecture and interior design studio whit more than 25 years of experience.
The hands on approach and the attention to details, together with the ability of putting into effect client’s ideas has resulted in a varied portfolio of fine projects.
Although Studio Marincola Architects primary project-focus has been in Italy ( Rome, Florence, Milan) , his architecture firm has projects and concepts designs in cities like Beijing Hong Kong and Miami.

Design philosophy
A great project is much more than the sum of its parts; great architecture is the encounter between design and space, art and science, interior and exterior spaces. The studio also includes professional services as construction and works supervision, all materials and fornitures selection,  in order to organise with high professional all project phases.
Studio Marincola Architects is both architecture and interior design; while we formally provide one service on the other, the best available result is when we do both.